Working with you

Becoming a valued client

Changing your accountant, like changing your house or job, can be stressful and time consuming. If you are unhappy with your current accountant or are looking to use an accountant for the first time, we want to make it as easy as possible for you when becoming a client.

The first step

Your starting point is to give us a call (or email) and set up an informal, no-obligation and free meeting with Rohan Manokaran. In this meeting we can start to find out a bit about your situation, your business goals and inspirations and the types of services that you may need.

Agreeing upon fees

After this initial meeting we will have a good understanding of what services you need so will agree a fee. This means will you know upfront what you will pay and there wont be a risk of a large end of year bill.

Handling all the paperwork

Once you have decided you want to start working with us, we will arrange all the paperwork including contacting your current accountant if you have one. You may wish to tell your existing accountant yourself, but if you would prefer not to, it isn’t a requirement.

We will send them a Professional Ethical Clearance Letter which asks them to provide all the information we need to know about your accounts.

There will be forms to complete but we promise to help you with as much of these as possible to make the process hassle free.

Now you are an Eternity Group Accountants’s client

The initial stages of a relationship, like any, require time spent getting to know you and your business. We like to come to your business so we can get a better view of how it operates and performs and meet the people in the business. We believe that you can’t give effective business advice, if you don’t know the business, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our advice.

Supporting your business

As we get to know your business and are able to offer proactive help and advice we may also introduce you to some of our business specialists that can offer services as diverse as payroll, IT, recruitment, corporate finance and financial services. You get the expertise and skills your business needs with the reassurance of the Forrester Boyd name and reputation.

To discuss in more detail how changing to Eternity Group Accountants could benefit you, call Rohan Manokaran on 0414 825 388 or email at